Fellowships and Assistantships

Graduate Research Assistantships

Assistantships provide stipends and tuition waivers to students in exchange for working up to 14 hours per week. Students with graduate assistantships also participate in the student health insurance program, for which the university and the college provide premium cost offsets each term. Prospective and current students interested in pursuing graduate assistant positions should contact their program director.

Graduate Research Assistantships (GRAs) with annual stipends are available for award to M.A. students. GRAs normally involve working with a faculty member as his or her research assistant or with a local preservation or public history-based entity for 14 hours a week during the academic year in return for a monthly stipend and tuition waiver. A GRA can also act as an internship, which is a requirement of the MHP program.

If you are interested in obtaining a GRA, and applying for the MHP program, select that option when filling out the main GSU online application.

GRA application forms may be obtained from the:

Department of History
Georgia State University
P.O. Box 4117
Atlanta GA 30302-4117

Applications for a Graduate Research Assistantship should be submitted by February 15th, in hard copy form to the program director.
Decisions are generally made by mid-June.

Places Where Students Have Interned:



Graduate fellowships are offered through several of the university’s interdisciplinary area of focus programs, include the following initiatives based in Arts and Sciences. For more information, please visit the program website or contact the program director(s).

Jenny Thurston Fellowship and Award in Heritage Preservation: Annual award and internship, with the Atlanta Urban Design Commission, for an outstanding historic preservationist in Atlanta.

Margaret Ewing Endowment in Family Oral Histories: This fund provides a fellowship to a graduate student who is interested in pursuing research on family histories, preferably oral histories. This fund was created by William Pate (M.A., Communication, 1985) in memory of his cousin, Margaret Ewing, who had a specific interest in family history and studied the history of the Pate family.