Careers in Heritage Preservation


Graduates of the MHP Program find careers in diverse settings. These include:

  • Writing nominations for the National Register of Historic Places
  • Conducting cultural resource surveys for cities’ governmental agencies
  • Serving as historians for cultural resource stewardship offices
  • Serving as program directors for preservation centers
  • Coordinating the preservation of historic cemeteries
  • Working as preservation planners for cities’ urban design commissions
  • Directing cities’ design preservation leagues
  • Lobbying for the protection of historic resources through non-profit advocacy organizations
  • Consulting for engineering, environmental, or other cultural resource companies
  • Delivering lectures on preservation
  • Teaching preservation courses for colleges or universities
  • Appraising architecture of historic homes
  • Working for an environmental review or architectural review department within the State Historic Preservation Offices
  •  Leading historic preservation consulting practices
  • Managing historical archives
  • Curating museums
  • Designing museum exhibits
  • Conducting museum education programming