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James Sipes

Part-time Instructor

BA in Landscape Architecture from the University of Kentucky; MA of Landscape Architecture from Iowa State University

Jim Sipes is an award-winning urban designer, environmental planner, landscape architect, and writer with more than thirty years of experience encompassing a wide range of planning, design, research, and communication projects. His work includes cultural resource preservation, environmental planning and design, land use planning, watershed management, urban design, natural resource management, and community based design.
Jim has received national recognition for his writing, having written more than 350 articles for a variety of publications and receiving the prestigious Bradford Williams Medal award for outstanding writing. He has published Digital Land (John Wiley & Sons, Fall 2007), Integrating BIM Technology into Landscape Architecture, V. 2 (LATIS, December 2014), Sustainable Solutions to Water Resources – Process, Planning, Design & Implementation Strategies (John Wiley & Sons, Spring 2010). Creating Green Roadways (Island Press, 2012), The Bayous of Houston (Arcadia Publishing, 2013), and International Water Resources (John Wiley & Sons in Chinese, 2013).
Jim has also been recognized as Outstanding Alumni at Iowa State University, and has received numerous planning, design, and communication awards over the years. Jim has taught at the university level for 12 years, was tenured twice, was department chair, and was a member of the faculty senate.